SMASheD: Sniffing and Manipulating Android Sensor Data for Offensive Purposes [pdf]
Manar Mohamed, Babins Shrestha, and Nitesh Saxena.
Hien Truong, Xiang Gao, Babins Shrestha, Nitesh Saxena, N. Asokan, and Petteri Nurmi
Tap-Wave-Rub: Lightweight Human Interaction Approach to Curb Emerging Smartphone Malware [pdf]
Babins Shrestha, Di Ma, Yan Zhu, Haoyu Li, and Nitesh Saxena


Theft-Resilient Mobile Wallets: Transparently Authenticating NFC Users with Tapping Gesture Biometrics
Babins Shrestha, Manar Mohamed, Sandeep Tamrakar, and Nitesh Saxena
The Sounds of the Phones: Dangers of Zero-Effort Second Factor Login based on Ambient Audio
Babins Shrestha, Maliheh Shirvanian, Prakash Shrestha, and Nitesh Saxena
SMASheD: Sniffing and Manipulating Android Sensor Data
Manar Mohamed, Babins Shrestha, and Nitesh Saxena
Curbing Mobile Malware Based on User-Transparent Hand Movements
Babins Shrestha, Manar Mohamed, Anders Borg, Nitesh Saxena, and Sandeep Tamrakar
Drone to the Rescue: Relay-Resilient Authentication using Ambient Multi-Sensing pdf
Babins Shrestha, Nitesh Saxena, Hien Truong, and N. Asokan
Babins Shrestha, Nitesh Saxena, and Justin Harrison
Cryptology and Network Security, November 2013
Springer International Publishing
Haoyu Li, Di Ma, Nitesh Saxena, Babins Shrestha, and Yan Zhu
Conference name: Proceedings of the sixth ACM conference on Security and privacy in wireless and mobile networks, April 2013